Nkechi Taifa is a person for whom every day is filled with reflection on Black folk and their collective power. So how is she rolling with today’s current “racial reckoning?” By preparing to conquer the online and book-and-mortar bookshelves in the names of our youth.

In her top-selling memoir, Black…

On This Stormy MLK Day, There’s No Better Time to Call for Reparatory Justice!

Photo Credit: Rodney Ladson

By Nkechi Taifa, Esq.

The terror Blacks feel is in our bones. For me, it began when white storm clouds of terror hung over the home of Mose Wright late one August night in 1955, when…

Nkechi Taifa

Movement Attorney, Author of BlackPowerBlackLawyer.com; TheTaifaGroup.com; NkechiTaifa.org; @Nkechi_Taifa; Convener of JusticeRoundtable.org; @justiceroundtab

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